Data entry and processing has become a natural advantage for the big and small IT companies. Everyday volumes of data are added, and which needs to be managed in a synchronized manner for its practical and efficient use. In addition, the volumes of data are to be kept in a ready-to-use format, necessary for making sound business decisions.

The corporate information, which is valuable and has proprietary use, is organized efficiently by incorporating state-of-the-art data entry processing technologies. Data entry and processing gives competitive edge to the companies as they can make instant decisions by making analysis of the available data.

The term data entry encompasses, Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Mining, Data Conversion, Catalog Processing, Digitization and Conversion, Manual data entry, Forms based data capture, Full-text data capture, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and much more. Professional data entry solutions makes the office space neat and tidy with less of physical files, papers and folders. As the result, there is no requirement for the paper storage facilities. Further, data entry solutions help in the smooth sharing of the company's proprietary information among the top management resources.


JWS is offering affordable quality Data Processing services in India. Data is one of the most important resources for any business. The data you have may not necessarily in the format you need. And your business may depend on data from various sources that cannot provide it in a standard, usable format. For these and similar cases, we provide Data Processing and Data Conversion services and jobs that offer a variety of solutions to get data from one format into another.

Regardless of the current state of your data, we provide the necessary Data Conversion Services to convert it to a platform-neutral electronic format like XML that is suitable for importing into a Data repository or CMS system. We also provide excel Data Conversion services that encompass the entire data conversion process. And the most inserting thing that we are providing Data Processing services and Data Conversion Services to you that can save you 60 to 70 percent cost.


Data conversion is a necessity in this age, as information is vital for any organization. For an organization to function effectively data needs to be easily accessible. Usually the data is stored in the form of paper over the years which is very tedious to find necessary data at time you need it. Data conversion is a necessity in this world where technology is constantly striving to make life easier.

XY Services provides Data Conversion Services in a variety of formats, using both manual as well as automated (OCR/ ICR/ OMR) techniques (Images to text, Text/rtf to XML/SGML, PDFs and other conversions). Tagging and re-tagging, Styling, Pagination/Typesetting and Abstracting and Indexing Services.


Data Mining is an innovative and much useful methodology which will surely help you on cost factor as it would reduce it to substantial amounts, besides, increasing ROI. Today's world is information hungry, and with Internet offering flexible communication, there is tremendous flow of data. However, it is important to make the data available in a readily workable format where it can be of great help to your organization. Therefore filtered data is of substantial use to the organization, and we provide efficient data mining services, online data extraction services to increase profits, smooth work flow and ameliorating overall risks.

JWS Services is a leading Web Data Mining Company offers one of its kind data mining services which put into use concerted project management approach and focus completely on the processes right away. The in depth technical know how about various facts of data mining statistical software, besides other statistics management processes makes us an obvious choice for your business requirements.

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